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This is my personal collection of antique tapestries, all of the same style. I'm not sure if there is a name for the style, but they share a few basic qualities that make them easily recognizable: One thing that I still don't know for sure is how old they are. But I have heard the early 1900's and others have told me that relatives brought them back from Europe during WWII. So the first half of the 20th century seems pretty sure.

All of these rugs are for sale. The Arab scenes are a little more than the wildlife scenes because they are not as common. But only one is more than $50. If you are interested in buying one, please email me for details (address below). I'm willing to make bulk deals. Buyer pays shipping, which will also be cheaper in bulk.

Here are descriptions of each of my tapestries, along with some pictures.

Arabs on Horseback

#1. Arabs and Lion - $50

This is a picture of some Arabs on horseback just outside of a city. One is fighting off lions with the butt of his gun. This rug is in really good shape and has some nice colors in it. The blue sky and green palm trees are nice dark colors and the horses are both wearing a neat purple. It also has blue stringy fringe coming off of the sides. No tag.

#2. Arabs in City - $50

This scene looks to me like Arabs fleeing a city. I presume that the girl with them has either been rescued or abducted, which is the reason they are fleeing. This rug is also in really good shape. It is very noticeable on this rug that all the colors, except brown and white, run in horizontal bands. Light blue runs across the bottom, then green for some plants and the girl's skirt, then orange, then red, then deep blue for the sky. The lady who sold me this one thought that it was probably Italian and from around 1910. This one also has blue stringy fringe on the sides. No tag.

#3. Arabs with Girl - SOLD

Yet another scene of Arabs on horses carrying a girl. I would guess again that by her awkward position and the horses strides that she is either rescued or stolen and they are fleeing. The style on this one is slightly different. It seems the shag is not as long, which makes the detail stand out much more. The colors may not be as vibrant, but there are lots of them. No tag.

See forest,mountain, and jungle wildlife scenes

Thanks for looking. Feel free to email me your comments at And let me know if you have a personal tapestry collection site that you would like me to list below.

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