Client Spotlight

We are pleased to provide web and database services to WeDriveU of Burlingame, CA. We helped WeDriveU allow their customers to book their chauffeured rides online.


Here are some examples of work that we have done for our clients. Reference contact information is available on request.

Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network

The ATTC Network's national office, a government funded not-for-profit organization located on the University of Missouri - Kansas City campus, helps to coordinate the efforts of 14 ATTC regional centers around the country. Until recently, every regional center maintained its own Web site with its own database. Kansas City Web Programmers helped the national office design and build a consolidated Web site and database for all of the regional centers to use. Using ASP (for legacy purposes) and Microsoft SQL Server, detailed forms were built to capture all of the data needed from each center for quarterly Federal reports. This greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the regular reporting process and saved each regional center the costs of maintaining their own Web site.

PLC Enterprises

KC Web Programmers works closely with PLC Enterprises of Overland Park, KS to provide database driven features to clients in the power generation industry. Most recently, we used the Google Maps API to automaticaly find the closest generator technicians to generator sites calculate distances between generator sites across the country.

Ingredion (formerly National Starch and Chemical)

KC Web Programmers has worked with multiple departments of Ingredion's North Kansas City plant to enhance several existing Access databases used in daily operations from manufacturing to quality assurance. Eventually an ASP.Net Intranet was built with a SQL Server database. Each of the various Access databases in the plant is now being upsized to the SQL Server database and the forms and reports converted to ASP.Net pages. The Intranet allows Ingredion employees from different departments to log in with their own accounts and see only the forms and reports specific to their role.


WeDriveU, based in Burlingame CA, provides chauffering services and transportation management to individuals and corporations. Kansas City Web Programmers built two different online reservation portals for WeDriveU. The first system uses back-end ASP.Net web services with to connect with travel software and independent and coporate travel agencies. Data is passed to WeDriveU as XML and is translated to a different XML format before it is stored in WeDriveU's reservation database. The second system is a user interface on the WeDriveU site for consumers to book their own reservations.

American Cancer Society

The Highland Plains Division (headquartered in Kansas City) of the American Cancer Society had a large Microsoft Access database used to track the planning and finances of fund raising events. We helped them turn the Access forms into ASP.NET Web pages to make this database accessible on the Web. We then converted the Access database to a Microsoft SQL Server database to improve performance and reliability. From there we added extensive data-entry and reporting functionality so that hundreds of staff from around the Midwest can now update and view event data that was previously only available at Headquarters.
(This site is a password-protected extranet and is unavailable to the general public)

Institute for Human Development

The Urban Initiative site built for the Institute for Human Development (IHD) at the University of Missouri Kansas City is built using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Using Drupal, KC Web Programmers was able to quickly build a site with many standard features, such as a meeting calendar, ability to post files, and bulletin boards. All the site's content is easily editable by IHD staff. Staff are able to create new user accounts with custom permissions, giving them full control over their list of collaborators.

90.1 FM KKFI

Community radio station KKFI 90.1 FM hired Kansas City Web Programmers to improve their Internet presence. The first step was to add live streaming audio. After that, a database driven program schedule and events calendar were added with administrative tools so that staff could update the site on their own.

This site was built using open source technologies, PHP and MySQL.

Special Education Department of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

In partnership with San Diego State University's Interwork Institute and Autosphere, Inc. of San Francisco, Kansas City Web Programmers built a distributed data collection system for the four island states of FSM. Each island collects data in an offline desktop Microsoft Access database and periodically uploads their data to a central web-accessible database. The central data driven site currently allows only password-protected access, but will soon allow public access to reports on the special education metrics of FSM.

Rime Buddhist Center

The Rime Buddhist Center started with a completely static HTML web site. KC Web Programmers helped integrate a ColdFusion based calendar that allowed the director to enter in an event once and have it show up on multiple areas of the site. Events automatically disappear from the event list when their date has passed. Administration utilities also exist for adding monthly articles and talks from weekly services.

The dynamic portions of this site were originally built using ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server database. Since that time, the site has been redesigned to move towards the open-source language PHP.